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guiltee pleasures 


30th May 2019 - 20th June 2019


an exhibition curated by QT COLLECTIVE ⭐ing work by:
Simon Bayliss, George Gibson, Jasleen Kaur, Navi Kaur, Campbell McConnell, Jill McKnight, Sadé Mica, Emily Mulenga, Robyn Nichol, Lucy Jane Smith and Katie Numi Usher.

✨OPENING NIGHT 30.05.19, 6.30-9pm
OHKAYGALL, 61 Bootham, York, Y030 7BT
Open until 20.06.19 by appointment

email to arrange a time to  👀 or DM
this event is wheelchair accessible, but pls contact for further accessibility info :)

Join us for the opening of guiltee pleasures, a show celebrating our guiltiest pleasures, and what they represent in terms of class, gender, and cultural identity. So oo the idea for this came about last summer when i was secretly living for love island, and although undeniably a problematic show in terms of diversity, gender norms (n well the list goes on) i accidentally got chatting to my teenage students about it and we all agreed Adam was THE WORST and then suddenly we were having a really meaningful conversation about gaslighting and emotional boundaries on a level that we all understood. Pop-culture can allow us to by-bass the pretence, our guiltiest pleasures are so often unashamedly human. Then I got thinking, well we have to question the things we feel ‘guilty’ about, who said trashy telly was trash?? Often our guilty pleasures are spoken with a voice that society sees as ‘othered’ - they are aimed at working-class audiences or spoken from a marginalised view point. guiltee pleasures shows 12 artists asking what they've got to be guilty about 🌈 🤔

to accompany the show there is a MIX CD 💿💿💿 , with each person involved's fave guilty pleasure track. CD's will be available to buy at the show for a v reasonable price (or message to get one) its gonna be a belter x

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