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MAMA, Albury, AU

26th November 2021 - 13th February 2022

SIMMER was a collaborative project between artists, local cooks, chefs and family members, centred on the experiences of preparing and sharing food.


As a part of the exhibition, MAMA presented TABLE, a rotating foyer installation which hosted weekly recipe demonstrations by local cooks. Each TABLE event featured a different presentation that introduced a selected recipe for visitors to make at home. This major original exhibition considered how food can bring us together, break down barriers and open us up to new experiences.

Exhibited artists: Aruna Gandhi, EJ Son, Eva Aguila, Gabriel Sanchez, haha vegan, Inuuywa Mama, Itsuo Kobayashi, Marites Roque Neal, Nabilah Nordin, Navi Kaur and Rice Brewing Sisters Club.

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