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Navi Kaur (b. 1993) is an artist and arts educator based in Birmingham, UK.

Inspired by the lives of her paternal grandparents, Surinder (‘Budimom’) and Karamjit (‘Baba Ji’), Navi’s work intimately and playfully documents themes of domestic, cultural, and spiritual significance. She traces interpersonal dialogues and daily activities through digital photography, film, and installation, demonstrating the abounding resilience of first-generation immigrants, the wonders of the everyday, and the compelling expressions of the Sikh Dharam. Thus, Navi’s artistic process doubles as a method of self-inquiry, facilitating investigations into the physical and intangible dimensions of her cultural heritage.

Navi is currently working on personal projects and making work about her teaching practice. She was recently commissioned by GRAIN Projects to create a photographic series documenting the lives of the South Asian communities who have settled and work in the rural West Midlands. She has exhibited her work across the UK and overseas, including Murray Art Museum Albury, Reminders Photography Stronghold, Grand Union Gallery, Coventry Biennial, Manchester Contemporary, Recent Activity, ORT Gallery and Gallery Celine.

Navi is also a qualified arts educator, teaching Art and Design at a Handsworth-based secondary school and facilitating workshops in artist-led and museum spaces.

Written by Harr-Joht Takhar
Image by Arpita Shah


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