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Things That Remind Me of Home



A photographic series consisting of things, found objects, keepsakes and food items that create a narrative between childhood memories and emotional attachments between Navi, her grandparents and their home. Each item has its own story which evokes a moment of happiness for the artist and relatability for the audience.  

01. If there wasn't a carton of Sunpride in the fridge, something wasn't right.

02. Her face cream reminds me of simpler times. Happier times.

03. Strong and stable. 

04. The dread of waking up on Sunday morning and having my hair combed. Tangled. Knotted. Plaited with love and devotion. 

05. He gave it up years ago. But it's always there. Just in case.

06. Special glasses, for special people. 

07. You'll lose the station.

08. My favourite was vanilla. I still have them now. 

09. Home

10. Two clocks in each bed.

11. A treat. Once in a while.

12. Budimom's mug, with the chip. 

13. We played for hours on end, he was unbeatable. Until my brother beat him. 

14. Cheese and salad sandwiches with 'blue Walkers'.

15. She would sit on the chair, even when there was space on the sofa. She still does. Comfort. Familiarity. 

16. We ran around the house hitting each other with it. I didn't know it was a back scratcher. 

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