'30works30days, is a month long project for artists where they are required to submit a new piece of work daily, every day, for the month of April. If you fail to submit something on one of the days, you are out of the project.


30/30 is to encourage making and experimentation, testing what you think you know about your practice. With the restriction of one day you may find that the choices you make, the corners you cut and those ideas that you couldn’t quite realise, are just as telling as the work that you produce. Be as lazy or ambitious, as devious or honest as you like, remember it is your choice and ultimately your representation of the concerns within your practice.

You can see works being submitted everyday throughout April on the live feed at thirty.works and by following #30works30days.' - 12ø

Day 1

Dalī'ā, 2019

‘Good, healthy, strong food. I used to have dalī'ā every day, but now I have bran flakes, corn flakes or honey flakes. Or the other one, what you call it, brown bread. Brown bread’s supposed to be good for you.’ - Baba Ji


Day 2

From Whom we receive our nourishment, 2019

‘Eat this for breakfast.’ - Budimom


Day 3

Taulī'ā, 2019

‘From West Brom market, 7 or 8 years ago. I bought two and Billy had the other one.’ - Budimom


Day 4

Cheese Bread, 2019

‘Do you want me to make you cheese bread for school tomorrow? I will put ginger on it.’ - Budimom


Day 5

Fish and Chips, 2019

‘Call your Dad to check he is getting us fish and chips.’ - Baba Ji


Day 6

Cooking with Budimom, 2019

‘Come at 5pm and you can film me making saabji for dinner.’ - Budimom


Day 7

Untitled, 2019

Budimom is currently in the process of having her Indian citizenship revoked and applying for British citizenship via the Windrush Scheme, after having lived continuously in the U.K since her arrival here on 10/08/1964. 


Day 8

Cāha pī'lō, bisakuta khā'lō, 2019

‘Drink tea, eat biscuits.’ 


Day 9

Baiḍarūma, 2019

‘10 o’clock ‘til 5 30 and then I’m up.’ - Baba Ji 


Day 10

She’s the Boss, 2019

‘Listen to Budimom, she’s the boss.’ - Baba Ji 


Day 11

Thorka Beans and Chips, 2019

‘I was thinking, what can I eat today? I came back from West Brom and peeled two potatoes and made thorka beans and then Baba Ji came home and I made the same for him. Then you came, you can have the same too.’ - Budimom


Day 12

Dahī nāla Rōṭī, 2019


Day 13

4 Pillow Cases, 2019

‘Baba Ji has four pillow cases on each pillow.’ - Budimom 


Day 14

Vaisakhi, 2019


Day 15

Kanghī, 2019


Day 16

I need the onions before it rains, 2019

‘We been the allotment this morning. We got our gande and dhania before it rained.’ - Baba Ji 


Day 17

Never let a white person write about your work, 2019


Day 18

Tērī marajī, 2019

‘Your choice.’ - Budimom

Budimom asked for my help with choosing which suits to wear for a wedding over the weekend.


Day 19

Mērē nāla pāraṭī ā'u, 2019

‘Come to the party with me.’ - Budimom 


Day 20

ਘਰ, 2019



Day 21

Untitled, 2019


Day 22

Sūraja ā gi'ā hai, 2019

‘Sun has come, it’s very hot, eat with me today.’ - Budimom


Day 23

Water the Plants, 2019

‘You can water the plants. Not too much water.’ - Baba Ji 


Day 24

Miraca, 2019


Day 25

Jā'ō Mārakīṭa, 2019

‘I need to go the market. We need atta. And butter and sugar.’ - Baba Ji 


Day 26

Take some jaffa cakes, 2019


Day 27

Mainū kāla karō, 2019

I am currently away from home meaning that spending physical time with my Grandparents hasn't been possible... they are always at the end of phone though. 


Day 28

Transitory, 2019


Day 29

Tusīṁ mainū nahīṁ dēkhi'ā, 2019


Baba Ji walks through the veranda on his way to the kitchen. 
Budimom and I are sitting on the sofa chatting. 
Baba Ji asks ‘where is Budimom?’.
She is sitting next to me. 
He did not see her in his peripheral vision. 
Budimom jokes that he did not see her because she is so small.

The above text has nothing to do with this short clip - Budimom’s actually just telling me what she brought home from the Nagar Kirtan yesterday.


Day 30

Everything that is mine is yours, 2019


This afternoon we sat in silence for a few moments, with prayers playing quietly in the background.


I asked if I could still keep coming to visit every day...


‘You can come any time, this house is everyone’s, everything that is mine is yours.’ Baba Ji said. I am truly blessed to have felt the purest and most wholesome love all of my life because of my Budimom and Baba Ji.


Regardless of whatever is going on in my personal bubble, my grandparents are there to ground me and teach me how to be a better person every day. They are my role models. My best friends. My constant.


The past 30 days have made me realise just how selfish I am with my time. How I sometimes forget to ring, forgot to check in, accidentally go a whole week before visiting. Putting aside even just 30 minutes a day to have a cup of tea with my Budimom and ask my Baba Ji what he’s picked up from the shops during the day is priceless.